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December Chip Chatter

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The Chip Chatter for December 2016
Published by Eastern Woodland Carvers Club Inc.

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Newsletter – Gary Freeman

Website – Bob Freeman

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Carvers Corner
(or Gary’s Gossip Column)

Our beginner’s classes are completed for this Fall. We have eight really interested new carvers. Our next beginners class will be in the Spring.

We are having Christmas in Converse on December 3rd from 4 to 8. We have donated a 4 foot tree with hand carved ornaments to the event. All items will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to the library and will be on display from November 23rd until the auction at 6p.m. on December 3rd at the Converse Service Center. If you wish to set up to sell items this night just let us know.

We are still continuing to work on Comfort Birds. Thanks again to all who have been helping us with getting these birds cut out and carved.  We are getting closer to our goal this year, in fact Ed & Jill Snyder picked up 730 birds we did and 66 from the Indy club.

The Board of Directors voted to suspend the December Show. We will still have our Carry-in and Live Auction as in the past. We can use some Live Auction items for our December Auction. If you have any carvings or carving items to donate bring them to the Club. Yes, I know it’s early but we sold everything we had at the July Auction. Remember, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.

Dues are $10.00 + $1.00 per each family… Remember. Due in December.

Your ol’ carvin’ buddy,


Board Meeting

We will hold our Board meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 to conduct business.

We’ll meet at 5:30. All are welcome at our meetings.  Board members we need five for a quorum and officers please come, if you have any ideas for the meeting just e-mail me.


Sunshine Corner

If you know about a club member who needs a get well card or a sympathy card please let us know?

Moe McCowan was in the hospital in Indy for a heart procedure and is now home. Suzi Brown in getting more able every day to get out and walk among us after knee replacement surgery. Ben Cash is also recovering from a knee replacement too.

Prayers appreciated.


2016 Calendar

December 3
Christmas in Converse

December 10
December Carry-in & Auction
Open at 4:00
Eat at 5:00
Auction at 7:00

2017 Calendar

March 4-5
Middletown Show

March 25
Raintree Woodcarvers Show

April 8-9
Brukner Woodcarving Show

May 6-7
Linda Sales Class $80.00

July 15-16
29th Annual July Show

July 19-22
Buckeye Woodcarvers Roundup

October 14-15
Artistry In Wood
Roberts Centre
123 Gano Road, Wilmington

November 11-12
Cincinnati Carvers Guild
Clarion Hotel 3855 Hauck Rd
Cincinnati Ohio



Baked Onion Rings
from the Kitchen of Jan Bragg

 Cook 15 Min


1 – yellow onion – ends trimmed off, peeled, and cut crosswise into 1/2-inch slices

2 – eggs

2 – Tbsp. milk

3 c -panko bread crumbs

1/2 c – flour

salt & pepper to taste


1 Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2 Separate onion slices into individual rings.

3 Whisk eggs with milk in a bowl until thoroughly combined. Place panko crumbs into a separate bowl.

4 Place onion rings into a large resealable plastic bag. Add flour, salt, and black pepper; seal bag and shake until rings are well coated with flour.

5 Drop flour-coated onion rings into egg/milk mixture, a few at a time, and toss lightly with tongs until coated. Place rings into panko crumbs and gently shake the bowl to toss the crumbs with the onion rings until rings are coated with crumbs.

6 Transfer coated onion rings to a large baking sheet; spray rings lightly with cooking spray.

7 Bake in the preheated oven until onion rings are tender and crumbs are lightly golden brown, 12 to 15 minutes.


Wood Magick

Arvid Kristoffersen
Drawing, Carving, and Writing History


Hailed as the No. 2 fairytale artist in Norway, Kristoffersen, a longtime Flathead Valley resident, is known for his paintings and carvings, especially his series of what he calls “Happy Trolls,” following the silly forest creatures in lives less scary than their traditional counterparts. A series of three books recently came out chronicling essential Norwegian artists from the Iron Age to present time, and Kristoffersen is in the third.

Kristoffersen, 87, will make a rare appearance at a local art show, with plans to have a table of art at the upcoming Artists and Craftsmen of the Flathead show at the Flathead County Fairgrounds, Nov. 25-27. The booth will offer prints of his famous illustrations, and a chance to talk to a legend in the field.


He’ll be recognizable by the horned helmet with blond braids he’ll be wearing, which garnered about 200 photos with people at the Norsk Høstfest in Minot, North Dakota.

Kristoffersen’s paintings of American Indian culture and early cowboys used to cover all four floors of the Havre Courthouse rotunda until a renovation covered them up, and in the 1960s, he artistically restored the Conrad Mansion, which at the time was slowly coming apart. The ceiling had gotten wet and was falling down, so Kristoffersen was tasked with repainting and replacing the original art and carvings.

The renovations were such a success that Kristoffersen was asked to do the same for Sam Bibler’s house by Foy’s Lake, now the site of the Bibler Home and Gardens.

Kristoffersen is also responsible for the art in the Fargo-Moorhead Sons of Norway Kringen Lodge, in which he painted murals on 90 feet of walls, then added more than 20 intricately carved, large trolls. He carved the Viking ship on the outside and painted the flowers in the conference room. His work there earned him and his wife an invitation to breakfast with the Norwegian princess.

For more on this story, visit the original source: Flathead Beacon