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December 2015 Newsletter

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The Chip Chatter for December 2015
Published by Eastern Woodland Carvers Club Inc.

President – Jeff Moore

Newsletter – Gary Freeman

Website – Bob Freeman

Club Phone 765-251-3663

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Web site –


Carvers Corner
(Or Gary’s Gossip Column)

The Ornament Carve and Trick or Treat on Saturday, October 31 was a ball. We had 308 Trick or Treaters plus 38 preschoolers on the Thursday before.

We are still continuing to work on Comfort Birds. Thanks to all who have been helping us with getting these birds cut out and carved. We just sent 600 with Ed & Jill this month.

Dues are $10.00 + $1.00 per each family member. Always due in December.

Don’t forget to make plans to come to the Club’s Christmas Show and Carry-in on December 12th to enjoy all the fun.

Don’t forget we will hold our Club election on December 8 at our Club Meeting. We still need a person for 2nd Vice President and 1 new Director. Suzi replaced Dr. Bob and John Clark only wanted on the board for one year for Chuck Leming’s seat.

Your Ol’ carvin’ buddy,



December 12
December Show

March 19
Raintree Woodcarvers Show

April 2-3
Lancaster Wood Carvers Show

April 2-3
Duneland Woodcarvers Show

May 7-8
North Arkansas Carving Show




From the Kitchen of Marlene Dowden

Quick, Tasty Chicken Pot Pie

Quick & Tasty Chicken Pot Pie: Turn leftovers into a satisfying complete meal with this easy pot pie, that can be made with ingredients already on-hand in your kitchen. Also, great with leftover turkey.


·         2 packages Chicken Gravy Mix

·         1 teaspoon Poultry Seasoning

·         1 1/2 cups milk

·         1 cup water

·         2 tablespoons butter

·         3 cups cubed cooked chicken

·         2 cups frozen mixed vegetables

·         1 can (7.5 ounces) refrigerated biscuits


Board Meeting

Business meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday at 7:00
Open Carve held on all other Tuesdays at 6:00

We will hold our Board meeting on December 1, 2015 to conduct business.

We’ll meet at 5:30. All are welcome at our meetings.  Board members and officers, if you have any ideas for the meeting just e-mail me.


December Show Entry

You may enter carvings on any Tuesday Open Carve or between 4-7 p.m. on December 11th.


December Show Classes


1) Special Ornament Class
2) Christmas Related
3) Religious Carving
4) Living Creatures
5) Winter Related
6) Group
7) Bust or Mask
8) Caricature
9) Realistic (human)
10)Becky Leming  Award Basket
11) Woodburning
12) Bark
13) Relief / Chip Carving
14) Turnings



Turning the Corner

 Following the Dayton carving show, Tue Night found a good many back for Open Carve.  As for Turning, the show just keeps having more turners and unbelievable work than the year before.

I myself am all the time telling of our club and how we have space to turn there. It always amazes people. But we don’t see much interest close to home.

With the cold coming on and some of us “flying the Coop” to be Sno Birds and “Winter Texans” the space probably won’t see much use. But there is some heat to be had and I anticipate with the new windows there will be a Noticeable difference in both comfort and the heat bill. A heat register could be cut thru the wall from the furnace into that room.



I will be going South for January & February so if you need to share info for the newsletter see Steve Fowler. 667-1658

We have a web page ( where you can go to look at old newsletters just in case you lose your very important copy. The recipe is there with the calendar and even Gary’s Gossip Column. We do have a club Facebook. Page too.  (Eastern Woodland Carvers Club Inc.)