January 2015 Newsletter

The Chip Chatter
January 2015

Published monthly by
Eastern Woodland Carvers Club Inc.

President – Jeff Moore
e-mail- Jmoorecrna@aol.com

Newsletter – Gary Freeman
e-mail – carvers@comteck.com

Club Phone 765-395-3023
Club e-mail – ewcc@comteck.com
Web site – http://www.ewcc.wordpress.com

Business meeting held on the 2nd Tuesday at 7:00
Open Carve held on all other Tuesdays at 6:00



Carvers Corner
(Or Gary’s Gossip Column)


I hope your Christmas was merry and I hope your New Year is just fantastic.

We are still working on Comfort Birds and Dick Belcher sent us 50 cut-outs for our carvers to work on. Dick sent some nice cedar, some mahogany and some bass wood birds. Bob Alexander also cut out some nice ones too.

Thanks to all Officers and Board members for all the help this past year. I’m looking forward to spring already so we can start our brick work and windows.

Steve Fowler will do the February Newsletter as I’ll be gone to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a bit. Suzi and Mildred left on Christmas afternoon. It looks like the weather here is holding up well. I’ve even been out on the old golf cart.

Dues are $10.00 + $1.00 per each family member. Always due in December so now they are late.

—Your ol’ carvin’ buddy, Gary



Board Meeting

We will hold our Board meeting on March 3, 2015 to conduct business, and elect a Chairman.

We’ll meet at 5:30. All are welcome at our meetings.  Board members bring your notebooks.


A Note from the Chairman


Thank you all who have helped with the Comfort Birds and to those who helped with the December Auction. We hope to get some interior work done in the spring too. We will do some work on an extra upstairs shower and restroom.

I want to say thanks to the folks who come in on Tuesday nights and help with guests and new comers.

We’ll miss Randy & Pat Hurst for sure and now have Ben Cash and Brenda Kallner on the Board of Directors to replace them.

Congratulations go to our newest Life Member Jack Shelton.



Many carving items are for sale here at the club. Two of our past members Lyman Dudley & Harold Moseley passed and their families are selling the tools.



March 21-22
Lancaster, PA Show

March  28
Muncie Show

April 11-12
Bruckner’s Show
Troy, OH

April 11-12
Duneland Show
Portage, IN

April    25
Plymouth Show

July 18-19
EWCC July Show

July 22-25
Poor Farmers Rendezvous

August 12-15
Breman Summer Camp

August 28-30
CCA Seminar


from the Kitchen of
Carol Cummings



2 lb. Chicken tenderloin chunks
1 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup soy sauce

Combine all together, cook on low in
Crock-pot 6-8 hours…that’s it! Done!
Serve with brown rice


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