26th Annual July Carving Show Application

Eastern Woodland Carvers Club Inc.

26th Annual July Carving Show

July 19-20 2014


Air-Conditioned Location

This is your registration and information form for the 26th Annual Carving Show to be held at the Converse Borderman Park Gym located on State Highway #18 – 3 ½ blocks East of Flashing Light (in Miami County) Converse, Indiana on July 19-20, 2014. Times will be Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Table fee is $30.00 and are on a first come first served basis. All Tables are 8-feet and must be covered to the floor. NO leg extensions.

Only ribbons/awards won during this show competition may be displayed. Setup and entry time will be Friday, July 18th from 4 – 7 p.m. Judging will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. Saturday setup begins at 8:00 a.m.

ALL COMPETITORS MUST HAVE PAID A TABLE FEE. The second person on a table that wishes to enter the show need only pay a $20.00 entry/table fee. Anyone wishing to display on the club table and enter the competition must also pay the $20.00 entry/table fee.

NOTICE: Only approved vendors will be allowed to sell carving supplies. These vendors are;

Belcher Woodcarving Supply, Quality Hardwood, Bruce Nicholas Chip Carving Supplies, Henn Rough-outs and Pat Hurst Baskets. All others will be asked to remove their items.

Bruce Nicholas Chip Carving will be holding FREE demonstrations both days.

Tammy Roe will be demonstrating Clay Sculpting.



1ST Best of Show – $300. , 2nd Best of Show -$200. 3rd Best of Show – $100.

16th Annual Weldon Stepler Cane Award – $50.00 plus plaque and Neck Ribbon

7th Annual Linda Haines Wildlife Award – $50.00 plus plaque and Neck Ribbon

1st Annual Tom Brown Caricature Award -$50.00 plus a Special Plaque

Best of Group – $25.00

Entry Fees- $3. per piece, with youth 18 & under free.

The Show judge will choose the Best of Show pieces.



Please refer to the definitions and regulations page for detailed information on your entries.

A July Picnic will be held Saturday at the club building starting at 5:30 p.m. Indicate party size on the registration form. We will present all awards and prize money after dinner followed with a live auction at approximately 7:30 p.m.. Walk-ins welcomed for the Live Auction.

The building will be locked each night and security will be provided. THE E.W.C.C. INC. WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGED OR STOLEN ITEMS. We look forward to seeing you in July. Thank you for your support.


Your canceled check is your confirmation.

Motels and camping – The following is a list of motels in the area;

Courtesy Economy Inn – Not recommended – Just Cheap Hotel Marion

1370 N. Baldwin Av. 501 East Fourth Street

Marion, IN Marion, IN

1-765-664-571 1-765-668-8801


Comfort Inn – Best Western Signature Inn Wabash Inn

522 Essex Dr – 4021 South Lafountain St. 1950 State Hwy. 15

Kokomo, IN Kokomo, IN Wabash, IN

1-765-452-5050.1 (800) 822-5252 (toll-free) 1–800-626-7103

There are a number of motels in Kokomo along highway 31 where you can stay.


All entries must have pieces permanently attached, NO LOOSE PIECES.


1. There is no limit on the number of entries that you may enter in any one class.

2. Entries shall be the work of the exhibitor.

3. Pieces made from roughouts are accepted.

Judge determinations are final and are not subject to any review. We have closed judging.
The term “ relief “ means carving executed in a manner to carve a generally flat surface to give an illusion of depth.
The term “round” means shaping a freestanding three-dimensional form.
The term “realistic” means work detailed to the extent of closely resembling the real object.
The term “stylized” means a creation of form but not necessarily the detail.
The term “caricature” means a distortion or exaggeration of the distinguishing features.
The term “mask” means a piece that is wearable and has eyeholes and nose holes clear through the wood.
“Old World Santa” – with robe and hood not necessarily red in color.
“Santa Modern” – carved in the Coca-Cola tradition (i.e. red suit/white trim, jolly old elf).
“Santa Animal” – any animal dressed in Santa apparel (i.e. hat, coat).
“Mythical” –Elf, Wizard, Dragons, Cartoon Characters & etc.
The terms “Decorative/Add on” – means extensive use of add ons such as leather, metal, glass, plastic, & etc. Piece will be placed in a decorative/ornamental class.
The term “Folk Art” – shall include hand carved human & animal figures that usually have a blockier style with pronounced flat cuts to the surface, generally a cruder form of carving. (Does not include “craft” items such as birdhouses, baskets & etc).
“Group” – a carving will be considered a group if it has two or more of the primary subjects.
Show officials and/or judges may change an entry to a category they deem more appropriate,
Competition pieces may not have won a Blue Ribbon at the July Show.
Limited use of non-wood materials will be allowed on woodcarving (i.e. metal feet, glass eyes.)
Chainsaw items may be entered in other classes as long as all chainsaw marks are removed from view. It doesn’t matter whether marks are sanded or carved away.
All measurements for height will include the Base.


Interpretation: Unusual & exceptional interpretations of the subject matter, true to life. Where applicable, proportions, anatomy, balance and perspective. Use of light and shadows. Use of color.


Interpretation: Application of finished, consistent sanding, where applicable removal of blemishes, such as fuzz. Does finish enhance the grain? Choice of color and application in relation to overall work. Carving techniques, and the fitting of add-ons. Difficulty of carving as a one-piece object.

3. FINAL REPRESENTATION – 33% Interpretation: In review of all of the above, take into consideration the decorative value & worthiness of the entry. Continuity.







Tables are limited to first come, first served (Please print clearly)

NAME (S)__________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________


CITY ___________________________________ STATE ______________ ZIP__________

PHONE (____ )___________


E-mail Address __________________________________________________


Do you wish to make a purchase award? If yes please indicate amount & type _________________


Tables ————————— $30.00 each * ___________=____________


Banquet Reservations (per person) $7.00 * ___________=____________


TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED___________________________________


Signature __________________________________________________

———————- (Tear off and send in top portion Keep bottom for your records) ————————–

NAME (S)__________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________

CITY ___________________________________ STATE ______________ ZIP__________

PHONE (____ )___________


E-mail Address __________________________________________________

Do you wish to make a purchase award? If yes please indicate amount & type _________________

Tables ————————— $30.00 each * ___________=____________

Banquet Reservations (per person) $7.00 * ___________=____________

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED___________________________________

Please make checks payable to: E.W.C.C.

Mail to; EWCC

P.O. Box 139

Converse, IN 46919

(Please DO NOT send entry fees with table registration)

All dealer spaces have been filled this year. If interested in space for next year, please let us know.

I understand that the Eastern Woodland Carvers Club Inc. shall not be held liable for

loss of tools or products. Not responsible for Accidents.

I also understand that I will not be allowed to sell any carving tools or supplies.

Your canceled check is your confirmation




If you have any questions please contact:

Randy Hurst co-show chairman – Phone – 765-628-2131 – e-mail – phurst1527@att.net

Chuck Leming co-show chairman – Phone – (765) 677-8201or e-mail – cleming@indy.rr.com

Gary Freeman – Chairman, Board of Directors – Cell Phone (765) 251-3663 – carvers@comteck.com

2 Responses to “26th Annual July Carving Show Application”

  1. Jim McKee Says:

    Could you send me a list of carving classes that are being offered during July or August through your club?
    Thank you for your help.
    Jim McKee

    • The only one currently on the schedule is the Butch Clark Habitat Class, August 1st-3rd, which is a bargain at $180.00 (all items provided).

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