Turning the Corner (October)

In the past 2-3 weeks there has been a little more activity up in the Turning Room than usual. But Jim has been going it alone pretty much with Dave out running around travelin’ and campin’.

Giving credit where credit is due tho, we had been given an older Sears lathe and Bob Alexander has taken time to do some nice neat upgrades to it. It was also realized that drivers, centers or whatever fit the lathe that Dave gave the club will also work on this old lathe. Jim has brought a usable table top table saw for use up there. We could easily outgrow that space.

Think of a bowl or a vase or a project that comes to mind that one could turn on the lathe THEN carve on. That’s been my main idea in being able to turn AT the club. With one type tool or the other, Let The Chips Fly !!

~~~~~Dave J

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