An Update on the Vic Hood Bust Class

Re: the Vic Hood Bust Class — we now have one opening.

Cost: $280 for a three day class. This price includes blank and lunch.

Tools: I encourage student not to buy new tools for the class, I have extras for those that do not have the tools. Once they determine they like this type of carving then is the time to purchase tools.

Stands: I will bring all the necessary stands to hold the carvings.

Curriculum: This is a bust carving class. The student may pick any subject they wish to carve; however, this is not a portraiture class I cannot teach likeness carving in three days and if some of the students wish to do a likeness it usually turns out to be unfair for the rest of the students because of the extra time necessary to do such a project. Therefore the class will be a subject driven project e.g. Sea captain, American Indian, Civil War soldier etc… I will bring models and other reference material. If a student has a special request I will cut a blank to accommodate them if I am notified enough in advance.

Date: September 13-15


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