Carver’s Corner (September 2013)

Carvers Corner (Or Gary’s Gossip Column)

Our old friend and club founder, Tommy Brown, passed away on August 23, 2013 after a long battle with a number of ailments. Tommy will be missed but as I know, he will want the club to go on.

The chess pieces are done and looking great. It will be raffled off at our Show in December.

All of you who cut out Christmas ornaments need to start now as Halloween will be here before you know it. We will be open on October 26th to carve Ornaments at 10 am and close around 5 pm. Please bring bags of candy for the kids on Halloween. On the Thursday, Halloween Day at 10 am we will hand out treats for the kiddies from Pre-school. On Halloween day Trick or Treat will be from 5 -8 pm and you are welcome to come in and carve all day. Along with your candy for the kiddies bring a side dish and we will furnish the Chili.

Vic Hood’s bust class, three days September 13th – 15th and Shelly Graves Basket Class, September 14th and it’s on a Saturday.

Dues are $10.00 + $1.00 per each family member.

The CCA Seminar has come and gone and was a real success. Carvers had a ball and came out with some wonderful projects. There are only two openings for 2014’s class.

Thanks to Don Rennaker for the mulch and the nice job of shoveling it too.


Until Next Time…
Your ol’ carvin’ buddy,


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