Carver’s Corner (August 2013)

Our 25th Annual Carving Show was a huge success. Below I’ll list the Best of Show winners. The Banquet and auction were wonderful too. We have many items left over that we’ll auction off at the August Monthly meeting. Tom Brown did the Auctioneering and will try to do the clean-up auction too.

Dick & Barb Belcher were presented with Life Member honors. They were long overdue as they have helped us out for many years.

The chess pieces are done and looking great. It will be raffled off at our Show in December.

The Don Mertz knife block and 25th Anniversary Knife by Rich Smithson was won by Mark Akers of North Carolina

The Mark Akers knife holder and 25th Anniversary Knife by Rich Smithson was won by Tamie Roe of Kokomo,IN

Open Carve and Shelly Graves Basket Class will be August 13 and it’s on a Tuesday. In September she will move back to the 14th and a Saturday.

Vic Hood has set a date for a bust class. Get signed up early if you want in this wonderful ($280.) three day class. If you have not sent in your $50.00 deposit you are not on the list.

Dues are $10.00 + $1.00 per each family member.


Best of Show – John Clark

2nd Best of Show – Scott Brown

3rd Best of Show – Bruce Nicholas


Your ol’ carvin’ buddy,

UPDATE: Rich Smithson corrected my failing memory. The winner of the Mark Akers carved boxer and 25th anniversary knife was won by Ryan Hornbeck’s Mom.

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