An Inventory Update from Hewins Sawmill

Hey I just wanted to give everyone an update on our inventory. I also updated our web page so feel free to visit us at You can also “like” us on facebook. Thanks!
4/4 #1 Common $3.00bf  NA
4/4 FAS $4.00bf  NA
4/4 FAS heartwood $4.00  NA
6/4 Reject live edge slabs $2.00bf
8/4 $2.00bf 5″-7″ wide
8/4 & 10/4 live edge slabs $6.00-$8.00bf
4/4 #2 Common $1.00bf
4/4 #1 Common $2.00bf
4/4 FAS $3.00bf
8/4 Slabs $4.00bf
Hard Maple
4/4 Spalted $3.00bf
8/4 partially spalted $6.00bf
4/4 Spalted $4.00bf
8/4 live edge slabs $2.00-$4.00bf
6/4 live edge slabs $4.00
4/4 $1.50bf
Quarter Sawn White Oak
4/4 #2 Common $1.50bf
4/4 #1 Common $2.50bf
4/4 FAS $3.50bf
8/4 slabs $4.00bf
4/4 seasoned $3.00bf
Soft Maple
8/4 slabs $4.00bf
Prices vary depending on specificity of order. We charge $.50 per board foot to plane both faces of your lumber. We charge $100 an hour to custom saw your logs with a minimum of $100 and we charge $1.00bf to kiln dry. Our kilns are running constantly with our thick walnut orders so you’ll have to be patient if you want us to kiln dry your lumber.
Christ’s Love,
Christopher Hewins
Fax #: 785-989-4787
Christ’s Love,
Christopher Hewins
Hewins Sawmill, LLC
P.O. Box 206
310 S. 1st Street
Wathena, KS 66090

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