Vic Hood Bust Class

Vic Hood Bust Class

Class size: max 12, min 7

Cost: $280 for a three day class. This price included lunch.

Tools: I encourage student not to buy new tools for the class, I have extras for those that do not have the tools. Once they determine they like this type of carving then is the time to purchase tools.

Stands: I will bring all the necessary stands to hold the carvings.

Curriculum: This is a bust carving class. The student may pick any subject they wish to carve; however, this is not a portraiture class I cannot teach likeness carving in three days and if some of the students wish to do a likeness it usually turns out to be unfair for the rest of the students because of the extra time necessary to do such a project. Therefore the class will be a subject driven project e.g. Sea captain, American Indian, Civil War soldier etc… I will bring models and other reference material. If a student has a special request I will cut a blank to accommodate them if I am notified enough in advance.

Dates: The best time for me in September is the 13,14 &15th I can do other dates but it will require shifting a few things.

Let us know just as soon as possible so we can lock in the date.

UPDATE:  We now have seven (7) who have expressed interest so please contact me as soon as possible to get on the list. We will keep an overflow list if something unforeseen were to happen.


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