2013 CCA Caricature Carving Seminar

2013 CCA Caricature Carving Seminar
Converse, Indiana,

August 23, 24, and 25, 2013

Three day seminar, one day with each of three CCA instructors. Instructors for 2013 are: Sandy Smith, Floyd Rhadigan and Gary Falin.

The seminar fee is $165 with a $75 deposit due at time of enrollment. The balance will be due June 1, 2013. The seminar fee includes lunch. Most students find motel lodging in nearby Kokomo, IN. Rainbow Christian Camp has cottages available plus a few campsites.

Blanks – there is an additional charge for blanks. Since this varies with instructors we do not include it in the seminar fee.

As of January 1, 2013, there are a few slots remaining in the 2013 seminar. We suggest you check with seminar coordinator Bob Travis for current status. rltravis@ucdavis.edu Bob splits his time between Montana and California so e-mail is the best way to communicate. Four spots are available at this time.

Waiting list: The seminar usually fills by late December or January. However, every year we have several cancellations. It is not unusual to work through a waiting list of 6 to 10 people. Please contact Bob Travis to be on the waiting list.

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