Helvie Knives Signature Series

Here is a knife set that will be raffled off at the Converse July Show, all proceeds will go to the Kokomo Humane Society. If anyone is interested in tickets they can be purchased with a check or money order made out to Holli Smithson or Helvie Knives. We will fill out the tickets with your name and phone number and put them in the tub, they are dual tickets and we will mail the other half back to you. You need not be present to win. The tickets are $1 for 1 or $5 for 6 tickets there is no limit on how many you can purchase. Each knife in the set is hand signed by the carver and a few added some artwork along with their signature. The other side is woodburned with their signature and logo, which for this special set I went ahead and painted the logos. Feel free to spread this around the more interest we get the more we all can help the Humane Society. These are truely a one of kind set…..PRICELESS
Rich and Holli Smithson
Helvie Knives

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