Butch Clark’s Nuthatch Class

 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Butch Clark’s Nuthatch Class is Full

Listed below are items you may need.

April 19,20 & 21, 2013.

Lunch will be included, $150.00 .

Mildred Freeman cell – 765-395-3943

Gary Freeman cell – 765-251-3663

Below is the information Butch sent.


In preparation for our upcoming class, I have put together the following:

-Class project is “Carving and Painting A White-Breasted Nuthatch”

-(3) day power carving class. Student should have either a dremel or optima or foredom or etc..

– A dust collector is recommended. Dick Belcher said that we could borrow a few from him if needed.

-I will supply the pattern, tupelo blank, glass eyes and the cast feet.

-If the student has a mount or habitat to mount the bird on, they should bring it along. Otherwise, we will make up something with found wood.

-Tool bits required are: either a kutzall or burr for rough cutting, a medium sized sanding drum (150 to 220 grit), a medium sized ruby or diamond carver (tear or tree shaped) and a small conical shaped texturing stone (white or blue).

-A small piece of #220 sandpaper.

-A wood burner is needed for detailing the feathers.

-A stylus for burnishing.

-We will paint with acrylic colors; gesso, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, cerulean blue, burnt sienna, payne’s grey, cad yellow-light and white.

-Students will need a coarse bristle gesso brush, a number 6 or smaller round brush and a very small round detailing brush.

-The fee is $150 per student.

-A minimum of (7) is desired, but no more than (10) students in the class.


It will take three full days to finish our projects. In my previous classes, we’ve all been able to finish by the end of the third day with a mounted bird.



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