Turning the Corner (December 2012)

Turning the Corner
by Dave Johnson

Well here we are into cold weather. And true Upstairs at the club IS COLD also. BUT if someone wanted to get next to a lath. The turning room CAN be heated. Thing is Dave is about to “fly the coop” earlier this year. BUT Jim will be around the club until the first part Of January. Look for him to have something in the December Show. Expect at least one of our Pens in the monthly business meeting drawing. Our first one went to Pat Hurst. These pens use a common pen refill available at most any store if or when needed.

It is possible to request a matching pen and Pencil set and out of more than just wood i.e.; corian/antler/some shell casings.

Dave is saying, “stay warm and well” over the winter. Get out in the parking lots and do “donuts” !! One needs the skill derived.


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