Welcome to the Online Home of the E.W.C.C.

The Eastern Woodland Carvers Club of Converse, Indiana in Miami County, is a non-profit organization made up of people who just love to do wood carving. The club has a membership around 250, and members meet for open carves on Tuesday nights starting at 6 PM, at 101 South Jefferson Street. Throughout the year the club conducts projects together, holds seminars and workshops, maintains a carving library, hosts the EWCC July Carving Show, Ornament Carve & Halloween Trick or Treats, and a December Show that are open to the community.


9 Responses to “Welcome to the Online Home of the E.W.C.C.”

  1. Gary and all the gang at Converse, I just received your “blog” of the Eastern Woodland Carvers’ Club, Inc. and want to congratulate you on a very “user friendly” way to communicate with all your wood carving friends as well as club members. If I did not live so far away, I would be a member. I always enjoy being with you at the CCA seminars and especially the GOOD FOOD and GOOD FRIENDSHIP. Keep up the good work, Don Mertz

  2. Great job, keep up the good work. I like all the links. Beth

  3. Who would I contact about the upcoming Eastern Woodland Carvers Woodcarving Festival?

  4. I really enjoy visiting the club and the events you hold. I live in Pittsburgh and still manage to get to Converse once a year. This year it will be twice. I have just joined so I really feel like a part of the EWCC family. Keep up the good work.

  5. Greetings from Lansing, IL. Fellow wood carver here, John Klompmaker. Always like to read about and see what others are doing in the world of carving. Glad to find you on line. Member of the Duneland Carvers Club, Valpo, IN. Perhaps we will see some of you at our April show. Keep the chips flying.


  6. Jim Short Says:

    What is the schedule for this years (2011) carving event in July at Converse?

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